glō-USA, Sunnyvale, CA

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Research and Development, Pilot line

glō AB, Lund, Sweden

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Advanced Research

Company Profile

glō is a venture-backed company focused on the development and commercialization of advanced LED products using nanotechnology. The unique nanotechnology is based on 11 years of research at Lund University’s Nanometer Structure Consortium. Headed by Professor Lars Samuelson, one of the world’s leading scientists in this field, who has published more than 500 papers related to this technology.


glō's first office is in Lund, Sweden, where basic material research continues for the next generation nanotechnology. glō's research and product development along with pilot fabrication operation is carried out at glō-USA in Sunnyvale, California. In 2013, glō established an Asia office in Tokyo, Japan, one of the largest and fastest-growing regions for LED lighting applications.


glō's technology sidesteps the technical limitations of current planar LED technology. It allows for the creation of highly efficient, stable and ultimately unique red, green, blue (RGB) emitters out of one material system. It aims to achieve the industry’s best color stability and ultimately enables the growth of red, green and blue emitters on the same wafer. Highly-efficient white LEDs with high color rendering will be possible without the need for phosphor conversion. It is the next enabling technology for advanced display, illumination and automotive applications.

nanowire LED

glō nanowire light-emitting diodes (nLEDs) are based on its proprietary hetero-structured semiconductor nanowire epitaxial growth and process technologies for which standard manufacturing equipment and materials can be utilized.


glō currently holds 50+ patents across US, Europe and Asia. These patents are not subject to any cross-licensing with the LED oligopoly. The glō team is constantly strengthening its intellectual property position in this technology and related applications.