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Market Requirements

The automotive LED market continues to develop rapidly on a content-per-car basis. More than 70% of interior indicator lighting and more than 25% of interior instrument display backlights currently employ solid state lighting solutions.

The requirements for automotive LEDs include the highest degree of reliability and stability with respect to light output and color consistency, in harsh temperature environments.

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Color Stability and Reliability

LEDs used in exterior indicator / stop-tail lamp applications today show a significant temperature variation of color and intensity which is not favorable for these applications. The industry currently requires sophisticated and expensive solutions to overcome these challenges.

glō’s nanowire technology enables solutions which significantly reduce the color shift owing to its stable material properties.

LED headlamps, already introduced in small volumes to the market today, will surely replace high-intensity discharge (HID) and halogen lamp solutions in the near future. LEDs for this application require the highest efficiency, stable lumen output, color stability and reliability. glō’s nLEDs will be able to deliver these attributes and consequently drive the market.