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Market Requirements

Displays play an important role in the interface between man and machine. Whether it is your smartphone or tablet, a LCD TV or notebook. We increasingly require a more lifelike and comfortable viewing experience. Tomorrow’s users require displays that are better what is available today.

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Higher Color Gamut

Today, almost all displays utilize phosphor-converted white LEDs to illuminate the screens. The broad emission spectrum of these LEDs create muted primary colors which result in a limited color gamut (~70% NTSC*). Using glō’s proprietary direct emitting nanowire LEDs (nLEDs), a vivid and lifelike color gamut of over 100% NTSC becomes viable. This is all possible by utilizing today’s LCD display panel technology and infrastructure.

*NTSC: National Television Standard Committee visual standard representing full range of colors that can be displayed

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Lower Power Consumption and Higher Resolution

glō’s nanowire LEDs (nLEDs) are designed to fulfill the requirements of next-generation LCD displays and offer a compelling and superior alternative to OLED displays. The temperature and time stability of glō’s nLEDs enable next-generation display solutions that can simultaneously achieve a color gamut of ~125% NTSC, provide a significant increase in display resolution and a significant reduction in power consumption.